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Christmas meeting at WIP

December 20, 2023

A Christmas Meeting full of Laughter, Taste and Good Energy!

In an atmosphere of pre-Christmas euphoria, WIP staff gathered again for the annual joyous Christmas gathering. This time the place of our festive meeting was one of the charming Lezaj establishments.

The meeting began with a warm welcome from all employees. The atmosphere was incredibly warm and the smiles on the faces of our colleagues testified that this meeting is important to us. Christmas decorations and cozy lighting turned the restaurant into a magical place, full of festive spirit.

At the heart of the meeting was a common table, richly stocked with delicious dishes and a variety of snacks. The chefs of the restaurant made sure that our employees enjoyed the unique flavors of the festive specialties. The moments spent at the table were an opportunity to share experiences, talk about the past year and plans for the future.

After the feast, it was time to make mutual Christmas wishes. Each of us was able to share our wishes with the others, which further strengthened the atmosphere of closeness and community. In addition, a small gift was waiting for each employee — a gesture of our company as a token of gratitude for their commitment and hard work.

We thank all employees for their commitment and time spent together. We wish you an unforgettable Christmas, full of love, peace and joy in the circle of your loved ones!