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Installation of equipment

Installation of steam in the bakery

Bakery plants in Małopolska
20.09.2023 - 20.10.2023
Assembly and installation

Steam installation in bakery plants concerning the assembly and welding of steam pipelines with compensation and supporting structure.

Completion of the investment of steam installation in bakery plants

We are very happy to share with you another milestone in our company. This time we are focusing on the completion of the investment concerning the installation of steam in one of the renowned bakery plants in picturesque Małopolska.

Our company, which has many successful projects under its belt, was entrusted with the task of assembling and welding steam pipelines. The work included not only the technical aspect, but also the supporting structure and compensation, which are key elements of complex industrial installations. The beginning of the project was the precise development of the assembly plan, taking into account the individual needs of the client and in accordance with the highest industry standards. The welding process, carried out by our experienced specialists, guaranteed the solidity and durability of the manufactured elements. A key stage of implementation was also the supporting structure, which was adapted to the specifics of the bakery plant, taking into account all safety standards. We also did not forget about the insulation issues — the entire installation was carefully insulated with mineral wool, and its shell was made of durable stainless steel. Such a comprehensive approach allowed not only to achieve optimal plant performance, but also to protect it from the adverse effects of external conditions.

We are glad that our efforts have contributed to another customer satisfaction. Cooperation with a bakery in Małopolska was not only a professional challenge for us, but also an opportunity to gain new experiences and improve our skills.

Thank you for the trust you have placed in us. Our company remains open to new projects and challenges, ready to provide the highest quality services. We encourage you to follow our updates, where we will share more fascinating projects that contribute to the success of our clients.

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